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Bic Kids & Magical Dragons

We all know that BIC® are famous for their ballpoints, but what may be a lesser known fact is that they also have a range of products especially for kids. These include glitter pens as well as the obvious felts & colouring pencils.

Each year a competition is organised for artistically minded youngsters, for 2014 the theme is Dragons & all things magical. There are two main prizes up for grabs, one for the 4 -7 & another for 8 -11 year olds, there will also be 5 runners up in each group. The winners of the top prizes will be treated to an exiting animation workshop for their gang, whether its Scouts, Brownies or classmates.

Along with full details of the competition the BIC® Kids web site is full of ideas so the next time you are looking for something fun & creative for the kids to do that doesn't involve technology you could print off a few templates for a spot of good old fashioned colouring.

On the subject of technology I came across a piece of research gathered from over 2,000 mums from 11 different countries. Unsurprisingly the results found that whilst 70% of two to five year olds were comfortable playing computer games, only 11% could tie their shoe laces! Now I know that many youngsters wear shoes with velcro these days but even so that's a sobering thought.

As I said the web site has a range of activities, information (like how is a pencil made) & pictures to print. So, if you find yourself short of ideas for something to keep the youngsters amused why not check it out? If you just can't drag them away from the laptop or ipad there are also a few online games to play & everything is updated regularly.



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