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Bic 4 Colour Grip Pro Ballpoint Review

Are you one of those people that like the convenience of a multi coloured pen? If the use of different coloured ink holds some significance in your workplace you may want to check out a Bic 4 Colour Grip Pro Ballpoint Pen. They say you learn something everyday, I've read that accountants have a strict colour code in some offices depending hierarchy, woe betide any newbie uses the same colour ink as his boss!

Bic 4 Colour Grip Pro Ballpoint

The Bic 4 Colour Grip Pro pen has a comfortable rubberised barrel that is essentially an extended grip section. The plastic metallic effect upper segment is home to the colour fins. Those unfortunate enough to suffer from allergies will be pleased to note its PVC free, so with no dangerous chemicals to worry about it's also safe for use in the classroom. The addition of a small eyelet at the top of the pen is handy should you feel the need to keep this pen for your use only, or if you partake in outdoor activities just attach a cord and hang it around your neck. Whilst there is a pocket clip I didn't find it particularly user friendly & found it inflexible, possibly because the open section was shorter than most.

Whenever I get hold of a multi pen just can't help myself clicking through the fins, this Bic Grip Pro will change colour with ease & the ink shades aren't a bad match either. All 4 colours have a 1.0mm medium tip that writes a 0.4 line & are refillable.

All in all the Bic Colour Grip Pro performed well & its reasonably priced considering you have 4 colours in 1 pen.

Bic 4 Colour Grip Pro Ballpoint Written Review Bic 4 Colour Grip Pro Ballpoint Written Review

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