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Berol Notewriter V Berol Handwriting Click Cap Review

Whether it's a thank you, birthday message or a simple reminder to yourself note writing is something many of us do often. So what better way to check out the Berol Notewriter than to pen a few lines of thanks to say how much we enjoyed a recent party.

Berol Notewriter

As I pulled off the small black cap it revealed a white tip that looked much the same as the Berol Handwriting pen I'd been using the other day. So I then decided to compare the two. Having started with the Notewriter I'll finish that first.

This plastic nibbed pen has a medium tip that writes a 0.4mm line. This fibre tipped pen is available in a choice or blue, black or red ink. The Berol Notewriter is shapeless, a cylindrical barrel that is pretty much the same from top to bottom. The short cap blends into insignificance, given away only by the difference in colour & the end cap is slightly narrower, both are black to match the ink.

Now on to the Handwriting Pen Clip Cap. A popular disposable pen that also has a plastic-nib, apparently used in many a classroom to encourage children's handwriting style by developing their control.

Berol Handwriting Pen Clip Cap

Similar to the Notewriter the cap snaps firmly on & off to reveal a plastic tip, the barrel however gives the impression it is bigger when held (although when side by side the difference is marginal if at all) it also has the addition of a handy pocket clip. The distinctive red barrel is emblazoned with the logos & whilst the notewriter is finished in similar style the former looks to be more in keeping with the classroom. This fibre pen writes a slightly larger line at 0.6mm & is available with black or blue ink. The ink will wash from clothing should the need arise, or maybe I should say when the need arises. Another bonus is the claim that ink won't dry out for up to 2 weeks even if the lid isn't replaced straight after use.

My writing sample proved interesting, I had expected the experience to be the same, regardless of the slight difference in line width. However I found the notewriter to be smoother, it lent itself more readily to a quick scribble which is definitely my idea of note writing. The handwriting pen seemed to have more resistance to the paper, but this is said to allow for more control when writing, to aid the novice, something I'm most definitely not. So overall my preference is for the notewriter, its a little cheaper too.

Berol Notewriter Written Review Berol Notewriter Written Review


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