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And the Winner of the Pilot RexGrip Pen Set is...

...the very last person to enter the Tiger Pens Earth Day Giveaway just hours before the deadline, Lito Apostolakou from the excellent Palimpsest blog.

Congratulations, Lito! You get a new set of recycled pens and markers (and a mechanical pencil) from Pilot's BeGreen range of recycled writing instruments.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Because of the overwhelming response, we've decided to make these giveaways a regular part of the Tiger Pens Blog, so get ready for lots more great contests. We'll be awarding nifty pens and pencils from some of your favourite makers, including Uniball, Stabilo, Parker and Sharpie.

In case you're curious about how we selected the Earth Day winner, it went like this: I made a list of all 25 entries on a yellow legal pad using my new free Uniball Jetstream (which I'm going to tell you about next week). Then, I cut the list into little strips of evenly sized paper and put them in a kitchen bowl. A little shaking, a little stirring, and I reached in without looking and pulled out one piece of paper.

It said, "Palimpsest."

Don't be discouraged if you didn't win this time. You're all invited to put your names in every time we have a Tiger Pens giveaway. There will be another one coming up again soon, so keep an eye on the blog for details.

Thanks again.

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