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A Tiger Pens shout-out to our favourite penthusiasts

Readers, if you look at the top of the page, you may notice something new to the Tiger Pens Blog – a blogroll of some of our favourite pen, pencil, ink and notebook sites. We've added all that we can think of, but we've discovered over the last year that there are many wonderful blogs by many talented pen and paper enthusiasts, so doubtless, there are a few missing. If your blog isn't included, don't worry, it was just an oversight. Leave us a little reminder and a link, and we'll be sure to add you to the list.

To all of you who keep us entertained and informed with brilliant pen reviews and personal stories about what pens and notebooks mean to you, we say, "Thank you." You make up a lovely and unique community vital to preserving something we hold dear – great pens and the art of writing. We deeply appreciate the love and labour you put into sharing your passion for pens with all of us.

In fact, we're always interested in highlighting the best pen, pencil and paper bloggers around the world. Toward that end, we're searching for bloggers to interview and blogs to profile here on Tiger Pens. If we've already contacted you, please take a few moments to talk with us about your love affair with pens and the written word. And if you haven't heard from us, don't be shy! Step up and let us know that you think you and your blog deserve a little love.

2 thoughts on “A Tiger Pens shout-out to our favourite penthusiasts”

  • Tom

    Thanks for including the Goldspot blog! I'm flattered! Will make sure Tiger Pens is included on our blog roll as well.

  • Arisu

    I own a relatively new pen blog named 'Current Addictions' ( and would love to be considered for your blogroll! Thanks!

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