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9 Stationery-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween's always a load of fun and a great excuse to play dress-up, especially if you're going to a costume party.

So why not take the opportunity to flaunt your stationery geekery?

There are any number of costumes you can buy or make that will show off your favorite pens, pencils, and paper. We'll show what a few people have done in years past, then we'll toss out a couple of ideas of our own.

Now fire up your imaginations and let these costumes inspire you.

Courtesy: Jade Brady, Courtesy: Jade Brady

UK make-up artist Jade Brady put together this simple, but terrifying costumer of the old pencil-up-the-nose joke gone wrong. See more of her SFX work at her blog.


crayola costume


Kid's felt Crayola costume going for £10 on eBay. There are other colors, too, including blue and green.


office space cover


Everybody knows this guy – Post-it Man from the movie "Office Space." It's an incredibly simple costume to make...just cover yourself in Post-in notes. Emma, at Coolest Homemade Costumes, explains how she made her own Post-it costume.



pen stab costume Creative Commons

Scooter76 at Instructables showed how he made this costume – stabbed in the chest with a fistful of promotional pens – for less than US$5. That price presumes you have a hot glue gun...because who doesn't, right?


These girls in Massachusetts made caps out of colored poster board and wore t-shirts with the Sharpie logo for for these simple, but effective Sharpie costumes.


Another costume that isn't complicated, but still manages to look perfect. Sean Salmon put this Bic costume together 5 years ago with just a white shirt, black pants and a cap that seems like it would be really uncomfortable to wear.


pencil costume


Not feeling up to making a costume? No worries, you can pick up this cloth pencil costume at Fancy Dress Ball for £26.

Now, for our ideas...fountain pen ink bottle

1. Go as a bottle of fountain pen ink.

It should be pretty simple: Just get a large cardboard box, cut holes for your arms/legs/head, cover it with white paper and color it the shade of your favorite ink. Put the brand's logo on the front. For the lid, get a graduation cap, cut off the tassel and round the corners, and cover it with cloth the color of the bottle you're imitating.

2. Go as a composition notebook.

Another one that should be simple and inexpensive. Get two large rectangular pieces of cardboard and cut them to match. Paint the cover and back a black-and-white marble pattern and the insides white (don't forget to leave a rectangle open on the cover and write Composition Book in it).

composition bookLay one piece of cardboard on top of the other, then tape them together along one edge with black duct tape so they open like a notebook. Put tape on the inside of the binding, too.

Put two holes near the top of the cover and two holes near the top of the back, both sets shoulder-width apart. Connect front to back with soft rope. Make sure to leave enough room for you to fit between the cover and back, with the ropes going across your shoulders. The binding of the notebook will be on one side of you and the opening on the other.

Draw light blue horizontal lines across a white t-shirt and white pants.

Go to the party.

Hope this round up of stationery-inspired Halloween costumes gave you some inspiration. If you dress up as a pen, be sure to send us a photo.

One thought on “9 Stationery-Inspired Halloween Costumes”

  • Fiona

    I always say that creativity is everything and anything can be achieved. I mean - look at those designs. Just gorgeous. I think I need that first costume, it looks real with the pencil stub.

    I once saw a man dressing in a full banana suit but the Post-it Man with those sticky notes just killed it. I wonder what might happen is a strong wind blows, or if he gets rained on. Because if it's just paper, then we would expect something from such an incidence :)

    It was fun reading through your post Tony.


    Fiona @

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