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7 Crazy Things People Do with Sharpies

We all love Sharpies...and why shouldn't we? They're brilliant, incredibly versatile little tools, used around the world for everything from signing autographs to creating beautiful artwork.

Interesting to look at and fun to wield, sometimes just saying "Sharpie" can make a person smile. And even the CIA loves the smell of freshly Sharpied government documents.

But a few of the things that people get up to with Sharpies are just, well, weird. In some cases, that's weird in a good way, more like "unusual," maybe. In others, they're real head-scratchers.

This is what we're talking about.

1. Sharpie 'brows

A trend among some women in the US involves removing their eyebrows and having them replaced with tattoos, or "permanent cosmetics." Supposedly, there are those who bypass the tattoos in favor of a cheaper, simpler alternative: Sharpie eyebrows. That's right, they simply draw eyebrows on their bare foreheads with Sharpie markers. Check out these examples of eyebrow fails, including the Sharpie variety.

2. Party Face

Have too much fun – or drink – at a party, and you might fall victim to the Sharpie face. It's what you end up with when you fall asleep while all your friends are still awake and armed with Sharpies. Typically, this involves writing something embarrassing or drawing something obscene on the face of the sleeping person, using the biggest, boldest Sharpie marker the pranksters can find.

3. Paint jobs

You have to really love your car to spend hundreds of hours lovingly detailing every inch of it with a Sharpie. Or at least have enough money to hire an artist to do it for you. But there are people who do this, turning their sports cars into rolling pieces of Sharpie art. Whether it's a few Sharpie pinstripes on a classic Camaro, or a tuner covered in designs, they inspire both awe and amusement.

4. Special Effects

Speaking of awe, we were amazed at this one, in which a young woman uses black and red Sharpies to create a disturbingly real-looking wound on the side of her face.

5. Nail polish

Need to touch up your nails on the run, but left your polish at home? No can just use a Sharpie. Or so says the Internet, which offers tutorials on how to paint your nails with Sharpie. Better yet, you can even give your fingernails a nice checkerboard effect using a couple of markers. Just remember to color inside the lines.

6. Sharpie Tats

For those who are afraid of needles, or who can't afford a trip to a real tattoo artist, there's always the Sharpie tattoo alternative. It's fast, inexpensive and simple...of course, it will eventually come off. And, ya know, look like it was drawn on with a Sharpie, which will make people laugh.

Just for the record, Sharpie does not recommend using its markers for tattoos or eyebrows.

6. Sharpie underwear

Ha! You thought we meant drawn-on underwear, didn't you? Nope (although someone's probably done it). Here, a mom explains how to use Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol to make tie-dyed underwear for kids. She's actually got some cool designs. Presumably, it works for adults, too.

7. Hair touch-up

A kid in Texas shows up to school with an unapproved haircut. The kid can't be at school looking like that...and the hair can't be magically regrown. So what's a poor teacher to do? Apparently, grab a Sharpie and begin coloring in the kid's head. Yep, it happened.

There are plenty of other things for which people can – and do – use Sharpies.

As The State newspaper reports, Sharpies have covered up gray in a beard, decorated a prom dress, and even served as an emergency pin for a trailer hitch. They're also good for things like fixing scuffed shoes and tweaking your wardrobe to your own tastes (second item).

Feel free to try any of these uses for Sharpie markers, weird or not. We won't judge. Well, maybe we will if you Sharpie in your eyebrows.

If, after applying, you change your mind, you can always try to remove the Sharpie ink, more or less.

(By the way, we have to give a shout-out to our friend Azizah at the Gourmet Pens blog for her impressive collection of Sharpie markers.)

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