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3 DIY Halloween Craft Ideas

With Halloween approaching we thought it would be an idea to look for some DIY activities to have some fun with the Kids.

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I always thought that trick or treating was brought to the UK by our neighbours across the pond, but it seems that immigrants from Ireland took Halloween to North America in the mid 1800's. Anyway, as the intention of this post is along the lines of a creative pursuit, I won't turn it into a history lesson.

Pumpkin Decorating
As a kid, I recall our family used to sit at the table for a pumpkin carving competition, at the time I wondered why Mum & Dad had to be involved but clearly it was for supervision purposes, to make sure they didn't have to pay a visit to A & E.

If the thought of letting your youngsters loose with crafting knives fills you with dread, why not encourage them to create a Jack-O-Lantern using Markers.


As pumpkins are so organic, the first cut starts the clock ticking & they make their way to their very own grave yard as mould & bacteria start to break them down. If you want to transform your pumpkin into a masterpiece in advance or just make your artwork last a bit longer, a cut free option is the one for you.

We found lots of sites on the web with great ideas & some detailed guides, just try searching painting a pumpkin, hopefully you'll be spoilt for choice!

Party Invitations
Some of us don't need much of an excuse to have a party, it seems Halloween has become increasingly popular with adults & children alike. If you need a few pointers to design your own spooky invites from haunted houses to skeletons, there are many templates online, here is a suggestion from edding using a Paint Marker

Treat Bags
Perfect for parties or Trick or Treating, you can stencil witches hats, spooky bats or spiders webs or whatever takes your fancy to jazz up your bags.

Step by step guide
Note for younger readers – always check with an adult before attempting any cutting.

  • Select a template
  • Print it onto heavy paper or card
  • Cut out your stencil with a craft knife or scissors
  • Carefully hold the stencil on a flat surface & using paint or markers gently fill in the spaces

Whatever project you decide to tackle, it's often said that Sharpies will write on anything, but if you take a look around at the huge range of different markers available you're sure to find the right one for the task.

Happy Haunting!

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