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  • Painting Stones with Artline OHP Markers

    We received an enchanting letter from a customer who was representing a small group of people in New Zealand, who have been using permanent marker pens to write on painted stones. In their letter they explained that they had tried over 30 different permanent pens before finding the perfect one.

    Many of the rejected pens blurred when the writing was applied while the others the writing faded over time. The one product that doesn’t exhibit these liabilities is the Artline Permanent OHP Pen.

    Struggling to obtain this specific item locally, they happened upon our website where we carry stock of the Artline 853 OHP 0.5mm fine marker pen in 8 different colours and they wanted to ensure that we would be continuing to stock these pens. The image below shows some of the excellent painted stones that have been created by the group.

    Painted StonesOne of the group’s members Wendy Edwards has recently written a book “The Stones Cry Out” about the art of painting stones, she provides her own recommendations for the best pens and paints to use. As well as the Artline OHP Pen in the book she recommends  using Reeves Fine Artist Acrylic paints & Benjamin Moore Stays Clear Acrylic Polyurethane High Gloss Varnish.

    The art of painting stones is becoming increasingly popular across the globe with many reported sightings of these wonderful treasures appearing regularly throughout UK towns and villages.

    People of all ages are joining the craze of adding creative designs to small stones and then hiding them in parks and other public places, for individuals to find. Individuals can then choose to pick them up, or not.

    There is even a special Facebook page (Love on the Rocks UK) celebrating the painted stones phenomenon. If you wish to join in with the fun, you simply paint your design on a stone, write ‘Love on the Rocks’, on the back, then hide it for a stranger to find.

  • Artline Sponsoring Up and Coming British Driver George Sutton in The Mini Challenge

    Specialist Marker Company Artline has dropped the chequered flag on the sponsorship of young racer George Sutton.

    George, 16, has been sponsored by Artline for the last three races of the Mini Challenge, as he aims for a top 10 finish in his debut season.

    George Sutton George Sutton

    George joined the Artline project in August this year and as part of the sponsorship of the Market Drayton based-racer, thousands of race fans will see the brand’s logo on his 255 BHP Mini Cooper and the young racer’s driving suit for the remainder of the season.

    The talented driver, who has been racing from the age of 10, is the youngest on the grid by more than a year and has already made a name for himself this season, finishing above 1992 Le Mans 24-hour winner & Formula 1 driver Mark Blundell during one round, and regularly finishing higher than older much more experienced drivers, some of which have been competing for over 10 years at a national level.

    George rose to fame in the Junior Saloon Car Championships, missing out on the headline prize in 2016 by only a few points and now competes in the Mini Challenge.
    He has continued to display his upward trajectory in the Mini Challenge this season, even finishing above 1992 Le Mans 24 hour winner Mark Blundell in one stage during an early part of the tournament.

    The road to motorsport stardom has certainly been bumpy in places, both financially and emotionally, but after signing the sponsorship deal with international Specialist Marker Manufacturers Artline, he can now look forward to getting back on track at Oulton Park this weekend in the MINI Challenge Series and to the final race of the season at Donington.
    The 16-year-old, who has just finished his studies at the Grove School in Market Drayton, Shropshire, is harbouring real hopes of a successful motorsport career, with a spot in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) a realistic aim in the next two years.

    George’s natural skills behind the wheel caught the attention of Artline in 2016 and have already raised eyebrows this year as he has propelled up the rankings to 8th position overall in the MINI Challenge Series in a field of 32.

    Brands Hatch July 2017 Brands Hatch July 2017

    Since his GCSE results this summer George has wasted no time in getting a job with a motorsport role at Valley Motorsport giving him valuable workshop and pitlane experience at various tracks around Europe.

    George told me “Next year, I want to be pushing to win the championship. There’s no reason why I can’t if I keep working hard and learning. In the MINI Challenge, the cars are essentially the same with the only variables being the set-up and the driver.Each race allows me to get a better feel for the car and understand more about how it performs and the limits I can take it to. The funding from Artline is huge as it allows us to improve the reliability of the car and conduct more tests between races.”

  • Axel Weinbrecht Inkless Pens – New Colours Added

    Inkless Metal Pens

    After a long absence we now have the Axel Weinbrecht inkless metal pens back in stock. As the name suggests they contain no ink but leave a silvery coloured mark on paper from their metal tip.

    We have added to the range there are is now a copper, gold or orange coloured pen to choose from as well as one made from a beautiful cherry wood. Apart from the cherry wood they can all be engraved if you wish.

  • Tiger Pens Launch New Website with a Laser Engraving Service

    At Tiger Pens we have been working on this for a very long time but we are finally pleased to announce the launch of our new website which now offers a laser engraving service on selected products.

    New website

    We have made the website look as close as possible to the old version but underneath the hood it is on a new platform with lots of bells and whistles which should allow us to do a lot more in the future.

    We hope that you enjoy the new tiger Pens website feel free to browse round and let us know your comments.

  • Which Fineliner Pens are Good to use with Copics / Alcohol Markers?

    We recently were contacted by one of our customers Anspire who is a very talented digital artist who has recently delved into more traditional art.

    She has been doing a comparison of various fineliner pens used in conjunction with alcohol markers and thought our readers might be interested in her findings.

    Naturally we were delighted to hear from her and she has some surprising results.


    My name is Anspire and I make art and videos about all sorts of creative stuff. My latest obsession are alcohol markers and I am proud to announce I have collected all Spectrum Noir pens. I also own a few Copics and plan to expand my collection.

    I am a primarily digital artist so when it came to traditional art, I was a complete beginner. It was not long until I finished my first few drawings and I realised my fineliner was feathering and smudging as I was coloring. Alcohol markers were obviously different from water-based ones and didn’t behave the same way.


    A couple ruined drawings later, I decided it was enough and I went online and browsed Tiger Pens for options. I picked nine pens to review, all in black but in different sizes and waited for them to arrive so I could make my comparison video about with fineliner pens fare well with these types of markers.

    Below is what came out of it, and if you are interested in the full version, you can find it linked at the end.


    Fineliners tested with Copics

    Pen brand Size Price* Did it smudge? Did it feather?** Compatibility
    Pigma Micron .05 ££££ Yes No None
    Kuretake ZIG Millenium .005 £££ Yes No Low
    Edding 1880 .02 £££ Yes No Low
    OHTO Graphic Liner .01 £££ No No High
    Staedler Lumocolor permanent S £££ Yes Yes None
    Staedler Lumocolor non-permanent F £££ Yes Yes None
    Uni-pin Fine Line 0.05 £££ Yes No Medium
    Berol Finewriter N/A ££ No No High
    Stabilo point 88 0.4 £ No No High

    * ££££- more than £2; £££ - more than £1.50; ££ - between £1.50 - £1, £ - less then £1

    ** Feathering happens when the ink does not smudge but moves around on the paper, making lines thicker and blurry.


    Fineliners tested with Spectrum Noir

    Pen brand Size Price* Did it smudge? Did it feather?** Compatibility
    Pigma Micron .05 ££££ Yes No None
    Kuretake ZIG Millenium .005 £££ Yes No Low
    Edding 1880 .02 £££ Yes No Low
    OHTO Graphic Liner .01 £££ No No High
    Staedler Lumocolor permanent S £££ Yes Yes None
    Staedler Lumocolor non-permanent F £££ Yes Yes None
    Uni-pin Fine Line 0.05 £££ Yes No Medium
    Berol Finewriter N/A ££ No No High
    Stabilo point 88 0.4 £ No No High

    * ££££- more than £2; £££ - more than £1.50; ££ - between £1.50 - £1, £ - less then £1

    ** Feathering happens when the ink does not smudge but moves around on the paper, making lines thicker and blurry.



    Overall, three pens stood out, all of them on the cheaper side.

    Pen brand Size Price* Did it smudge? Did it feather?** Compatibility
    OHTO Graphic Liner .01 £££ No No High
    Berol Finewriter N/A ££ No No High
    Stabilo point 88 0.4 £ No No High


    I must add all pens feel and look great but for the sake of this post which only looks at how well they fare with alcohol markers, the other six were incompatible.

    If you are interested to hear more about each one and see how they did for yourself, please check out the video below:

    [embed width="123" height="456"][/embed]

    Follow Anspire for more:





  • Parker Fathers Day

    Give a Parker Pen on Fathers Day

    Estabished in 1888 Parker hold the the prestigious Royal Warrant which was awarded to Parker in 1962 from the British Royal Household as its sole supplier of pens, pencils and inks.

    This Fathers Day if you are looking for inspiration you can’t go far wrong with a Parker pen -

  • Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Special Edition 2016

    Lamy safari Dark Lilac Pens

    Every year in April Lamy release a special edition colour for their best selling Lamy Safari range of Pens. These are a limited edition so they are usually only available for a few months.

    This year’s colour is dark lilac and it is proving to be one of their most popular colours released so far.

    The Lamy safari dark lilac pens and the full range of Lamy safari pens are available to buy on the Tiger Pens website.


  • Worther Shorty Ballpoint Pens Are Now Available

    Worther Shorty Ballpoint PensWorther are a German manufacturer that are renowned for their “Shorty 3.15mm clutch pencil that is a firm favourite amongst artists and designers. Due to its compact design and wide hexagonal barrel that is easy to grip 7 control.

    They have recently introduced a ballpoint pen to the range with the same striking hexagonal barrel & a choice of vibrant colours. The Worther Shorty ballpoint pens take a D1 refill so they can be refilled by any brand of D1 refill if you prefer a different tip size or colour.


  • Interview: Rosemary Gemmell, Novelist

    If the mind is a well of creativity, the trick is figuring out how to tap it.

    For some writers, like Scottish novelist Rosemary Gemmell, the solution is as simple as a pen.

    It becomes the conduit between thought and reality. As the ink flows, so do the ideas, and characters and story begin to take shape.

    Today, Rosemary takes a little time to share how pen-and-paper work for her.

    Tell us a little about yourself.

    I live in the beautiful west coast of Scotland which is always inspiring. After bringing up a family and working part-time while studying as a mature student for a BA honours degree in literature and history and a post-graduate Masters in Humanities from the Open University, I finally became a full-time writer. This doesn’t mean writing full-time, as I fit in talks and adjudications for writing groups as well as coffee and lunch breaks with friends!

    What do you write?

    I was known as a published short story and article writer first, with occasional poetry and children’s stories. I’ve had stories and articles published in several UK magazines, some in the USA and I used to write for one Canadian and one American online company. Now I also write romantic novels with intrigue, both historical and contemporary. Although my latest novel, The Highland Lass, is under my full name, some of my more romantic novels are written as Romy and two tween books are under Ros.  Continue reading

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