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  • The Best Pens for Exams in 2018

    Best Pens for Exams

    We know how much hard work you put into preparing for your exams. All that revision, missing out on socialising, getting stressed out and sleepless nights. So the last thing you need is for anything to go wrong on the day, and that includes your stationery.

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  • The Best Fountain Pens Under £20 in 2018

    Best fountain pens under £20

    In this post I'm going to test some of the most popular fountain pens under £20. Each pen has a short review with how I found it to write with and a score out of 10, taking into account my opinion along with the cost, availability of nibs, inks, and all that good stuff you want to know. The score is my opinion of the pens and, of course, others will find them different, but this is what I think. I have included a sample of all of the pens reviewed at the end of the post to help you compare.

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  • The Best Pens For Left-Handed People in 2018

    Lefties, we know you have it rough when it comes to finding good pens, since most of them are designed to be used by right-handers.

    A typical right-handed person using a pen pulls it toward the right in a smooth motion, leaving a line of fresh ink untouched behind the writing hand.

    A left-handed person has to push the pen from left to right. That requires the writer to press harder on the pen, which can be uncomfortable and can force the paper to foul the writing tip. Meanwhile, the writing hand drags over the ink and smudges it.

    Obviously, then, the two most important qualities in a pen for left-handed people is that the ink dries quickly and that it flows as smoothly as possible. With that in mind, here are some of our favourite pens for left-handers to consider.

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  • Ballpoint, Rollerball or Gel: Which Pen is Best for You?

    Ballpoint, rollerball and gel pens

    Trying to choose the right pen, but confused by all the different labels: ballpoint, liquid ink, gel, hybrid, rollerball? Yeah, we don’t blame you; it can get a little overwhelming.

    Having such a wide choice to choose from though isn’t a bad thing as it gives you plenty of options when looking for a pen to fit your needs.

    One of the questions that we are most often asked is what is the difference between these pens and how does this affect how they write?

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  • Painting Stones with Artline OHP Markers

    We received an enchanting letter from a customer who was representing a small group of people in New Zealand, who have been using permanent marker pens to write on painted stones. In their letter they explained that they had tried over 30 different permanent pens before finding the perfect one.

    Many of the rejected pens blurred when the writing was applied while the others the writing faded over time. The one product that doesn’t exhibit these liabilities is the Artline Permanent OHP Pen.

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  • Artline Sponsoring Up and Coming British Driver George Sutton in The Mini Challenge

    Specialist Marker Company Artline has dropped the chequered flag on the sponsorship of young racer George Sutton.

    George, 16, has been sponsored by Artline for the last three races of the Mini Challenge, as he aims for a top 10 finish in his debut season.

    George Sutton George Sutton

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  • Axel Weinbrecht Inkless Pens – New Colours Added

    Inkless Metal Pens

    After a long absence we now have the Axel Weinbrecht inkless metal pens back in stock. As the name suggests they contain no ink but leave a silvery coloured mark on paper from their metal tip.

    We have added to the range there are is now a copper, gold or orange coloured pen to choose from as well as one made from a beautiful cherry wood. Apart from the cherry wood they can all be engraved if you wish.

  • Tiger Pens Launch New Website with a Laser Engraving Service

    At Tiger Pens we have been working on this for a very long time but we are finally pleased to announce the launch of our new website which now offers a laser engraving service on selected products.

    New website

    We have made the website look as close as possible to the old version but underneath the hood it is on a new platform with lots of bells and whistles which should allow us to do a lot more in the future.

    We hope that you enjoy the new tiger Pens website feel free to browse round and let us know your comments.

  • Which Fineliner Pens are Good to use with Copics / Alcohol Markers?

    We recently were contacted by one of our customers Anspire who is a very talented digital artist who has recently delved into more traditional art.

    She has been doing a comparison of various fineliner pens used in conjunction with alcohol markers and thought our readers might be interested in her findings.

    Naturally we were delighted to hear from her and she has some surprising results.

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  • Parker Fathers Day

    Give a Parker Pen on Fathers Day

    Estabished in 1888 Parker hold the the prestigious Royal Warrant which was awarded to Parker in 1962 from the British Royal Household as its sole supplier of pens, pencils and inks.

    This Fathers Day if you are looking for inspiration you can’t go far wrong with a Parker pen -

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