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Brand Name Pens & Pencils

Tiger Pens supplies quality brand name pens and pencils at highly competitive prices to homes and businesses both in the UK and overseas. We supply the full range of writing pens, mechanical pencils and marker pens. In our experience, most office supply companies only sell the most popular ballpoint pens in blue, black or red ink, and restrict customers to large quantities. At Tiger Pens, not only do we sell our pens with a choice of ALL the available ink colours, we also offer you the choice of buying them in any quantity that you require. So, if you only want to buy one pen - no problem. We have no hidden delivery charges, simply spend over £10.00 and delivery is free in the UK.

Marker Pens

If you are looking for qualitymarker pens, you need look no further as we supply an extensive range of products from well known companies such as Edding, Staedtler and Uni-ball. Not forgetting our range of Sharpie markers, currently reputed to be the most famous brand in the world!

Mechanical Pencils

Here at Tiger Pens we know many of our customers are into pencils and we have a great selection of mechanical pencils to choose from. A full range of pencil lead refills is available for our mechanical pencils in various thickness and grades. Even the best of us can make a mistake occasionally and a range of eraser and correction products can be found to make it easier to put things right.

Pen Refills

At Tiger Pens we believe in doing our bit for the environment and as well as offering a wide range of recycled pens, we have put together a massive range of pen refills. So next time your ballpoint pen runs out of ink, help the environment and save yourself a few quid by using a refill. We have a large range of refills for ballpoint pens, rollerball pens and gel pens, and we are adding new refills to our product range all the time.


Think highlighters and you immediately think of the best selling classic Stabilo Boss Highlighters. Also available though are other members of the Stabilo highlighter family and a selection from other leading brands such as Pilot, with their new Frixion Light erasable highlighter and the Pilot V Liquid Light.

Drawing Pens

Our considerable range of pens includes drawing and lettering pens as well as fineliner and sign pens. These are ideal when precision lines are required and are popular with both artists and draughtsmen alike. For those who need something more creative to write or draw with, we also offer a wide range of brush pens, fountain pens and calligraphy pens.