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Lamy 2000 Multi Colour Ballpoint Pen

Code: LY200004CMP
Lamy 2000 Multi Colour Ballpoint Pen


The Lamy 2000 multi colour ballpoint pen has the same classical design as the traditional pens in the Lamy 2000 series. It is made from fibreglass and stainless steel with a matte brushed finish and a spring loaded clip.

As the name suggests, the Lamy 2000 multi pen is four different coloured ballpoint pens combined into the one barrel. These are black, blue, red and green. To select a colour turn the barrel so that the colour spot at the top is facing you and press the top button.

Lamy 2000 multi colour ballpoint pens can be refilled with Lamy M21 refills or any standard D1 multi pen refill.

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