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Kaweco Ice Sport 3.2mm Clutch Pencil Pink

Kaweco Ice Sport 3.2mm Clutch Pencil Pink


The Kaweco Ice Sport pink 3.2mm clutch pencil is based on the original 1930's octagonal design. It is made from a strong pink translucent lightweight plastic. The distinctive Kaweco logo is displayed on the end of the cap in a silver coloured metal.

It is a pocket sized pencil approximately 110m long with a push button mechanism. The 3.2mm lead of the Kaweco Pink Ice Sport clutch pencil is advanced by pressing the button on the top of the pencil. The pencil can be refilled with either Kaweco 3.2mm graphite lead or their 3.2mm coloured lead.

An optional pocket clip can be purchased with either chrome or gold coloured finish.

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