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Artline Stix Colouring Marker - Wallet of 8 Assorted Colours

Artline Stix Colouring Marker - Wallet of 8 Assorted Colours


The Artline Stix colouring marker is a unique colouring pen that has been specially designed for children to draw, build and play with. These colouring marker pens can be joined to each other by either pushing them together or using connectors to build with. Let your imagination run free and see what you can make! This wallet contains 8 Artline Stix colouring markers in assorted colours.                                                                           ᅠ


The Artline Stix colouring marker pen has a 2.0mm bullet tip & non toxic water based washable ink that is available in 16 vibrant ink colours. The colouring marker pens can be connected by simply pressing together allowing you to create a multitude of wonderful patterns and colours. Artline Stix colouring markers can be connected to any other type of Artline Stix pen or marker.

The Artline Stix colouring marker will produce bright colours and clean lines. They are ideal for writing on cards, sketching, graphics and design work.                              

Build & Play

When you get tired of drawing you can connect and build your own toys with Artline Stix. The world is your oyster  - there is no end to what you can create. Artline Stix can be joined together by simply pushing them together or using connectors.

Some ideas for what you can make are a plane, boat, car, windmill, puppet or a horse. Let your imagination run free and start building with Artline Stix and connectors.

Personalise With Characters

Artline Stix toy characters are a fun and playful way to personalise your Artline Stix Pens. To attach a character simply press it on to the pen and it will stay in place with the special connectors on the back of the character - this works in a similar way to joining two pieces of Lego together.

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